Sunday, February 12, 2006

Crochet Crazy

Ok, so don't judge this piece too harshly...this is just my practice piece but I am well on my well to being a "domestic diva" as Susan said earlier. I actually started crocheting a scarf today and it is moving along quite nicely. I think I may actually be getting the hang of it! So, ok, it does start out one size and end up another size completely but is that really a problem? Well, my scarf doesn't look this bad so I am please.

My sister will also be pleased to know that I have completed my first scrapbook page EVER. I know that for most of you, that is no big deal but for me, it is HUGE. I did a Christmas page and I have to say, I actually enjoyed it. Well, enjoyed is a strong word. I guess you could say I didn't mind.

Today, Ben and I went to the World of Wheels that was in Birmingham. I enjoyed the first hour or so but after that all the cars started to look alike. I did get to see a couple of 69' Cameros which was what my dad had before my parents had me. We also saw Goldberg (the wrestler) and Cooter from Dukes of Hazard. Now my life is complete (ha ha!). So anyway, that is about it here in the Garrison household. I have been crocheting and Ben is playing video games. Maybe my next project will be a crochet'd playstation controller cover. That is pretty domestic, right?


Meredith said...

Congrat's on the scrapbook page!!!! I am VERY proud of you!!!!!

Paul said...

When you make Ben a WWE sweater, I will be really impressed.

Anonymous said...


I like your blog.