Sunday, February 05, 2006

I guess I'm "It"....

So according to Paul I have been tagged. Well, here goes nothing.

Four jobs I've had:
1. Cashier at McDonalds
2. Worked at Lane Bryant
3. Student Worker at Freed-Hardeman Library
4. Drill Operator for an Aluminum Die Casting Factory (bet you didn't know that one!)

Four Places I've lived:
1. Poole, Kentucky
2. Henderson, TN
3. Searcy, AR
4. Corydon, KY

Four TV shows I watch:
1. Commander in Chief
2. Gilmore Girls
3. ER
4. Flip this House

Four Places I've been on Vacation:
1. Freeport, Bahamas
2. New York, New York
3. Gatlinburg, TN
4. Washington, DC

Four Things I did today (Sunday)
1. Went to Church
2. Started to learn to crochet
3. Cleaned the bathroom
4. Made my bed (which NEVER happens!)

Four websites I visit daily
3. my blog!
4. eonline

Four nicknames I've had:
1. Rachey-Fetchy (from my best friend growing up and her mom-they still call me this)
2. Webster (from a roommate in college)
3. Fletch(various people in my is a given if you last name is Fletcher)
4. Chief sitting bull (my husband...I know, how sweet!)

Four Greatest events in my life:
1. Getting baptized
2. Getting married
3. Meeting my friend Kim (because if I had not of met her, my life would be completely different than it is today...I met my husband through her.)
4. Receiving my master's because I was able to stick it out at a place I hated and it taught me that I was stronger than I thought.

Four Friends I am tagging:
1. My sister
2. My mom if she ever figures out how to post
3. Tina
4. Katie (if she reads this)

Post it here or in your own blog...just post it somewhere!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rach,
This is Jenn. I love your blog. It sounds just like you. I can hear your accent and sarcasm. Makes me laugh. I may get around to having one of these some day, but I'll just stick with worrying about the wedding this week :) Only 12 more days. Ack.
Have a great day and keep posting your funny stuff.

Katie said...

I read your blog! I started one on "My Space." However, no one has commented. I guess I am not that interesting! :0) I am glad that you are scrapbooking now. It is so much fun and a great way to organize pictures without them just laying around in a box. About this tag thing - do I just copy and paste it into my blog? I need "blogging for dummies." Maybe the Paul the expert can help me out :0)

Rachel said...

Hey Katie! I have started the scrapbooking yet...just bought the stuff! You can answer the questions on your blog if you want. I haven't looked at my space in a few days but I do look at your stuff. I am sure you are plenty interesting!

Carla *TOAO* said...

Hey Rachel,
This is Carla. I received your e-mail concerning your blog...and so I started to create my own. Mine is, I don't know much more about it than that, but it should be a fun thing to work on in my spare time. Thanks for the idea! See you at Jenn's wedding.