Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Nearing the End

I only have a minute...I am eating my lunch at my desk and wanted to check in. Nothing really exciting going on here. I got good news today...Ben is going to be coming home not this weekend but probably the next. There is some question about whether he will be here for that weekend or sometime during the next week. Anyway, at least there is an end in sight. Ben's birthday is June 4th so I am working on "rounding up" his birthday presents. He has given me a list of several video games he wants. He is so funny...he says he doesn't want used games but pretty much my opinion is he will take what he gets. My brother is checking on several games for me at a used game place in Kentucky that Ben loves and he is going to send everything with my parents next weekend. It really is ideal. I don't have to go look for all that stuff AND I get it a little cheaper than I would in a store.

So, mom and dad are bringing Meredith next weekend so she can start work. It ought to be interesting. We haven't lived together in a long time but I am sure it will be great. We will get to spend some time together and we haven't done that in forever.

The "lifestyle change" is going well. I am not calling it a diet because diets are only tempory. I have lost about 10lbs (just a little under). I am not sure about this week. I have not kept up with my points (because I forgot my little book) but I will next week. I think I have done ok. I have been exercising every day and some days doing both curves and riding the bike. I need to get into the habit of walking but I just hate walking. Kim and I went the other actually wasn't so bad...of course we only walked a mile and then we went and watched a baseball game! But, you know, a mile is a mile. So anyway, that's really about it.

Oh, I still don't have any good summer reading ideas. Someone please give me something. I am bored to tears!

I forgot to say that I watched American Idol last night...Taylor did great but I thought that Katherine was a little bit off. I tried to vote for about 3 hours or so but couldn't get through. According to Dial Idol, Taylor is going to win it. I hope so!

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Susan said...

Okay, Rachel- I have a great read for you- "Big Stone Gap" by Adriana Trigiani. I love her style- Once you read that one there is a sequel