Sunday, July 02, 2006

So...what's new?

It has been a really long time since I have been on my blog but there has been so much going on. Oh, lets see...well, Ben is home from Mobile. I kind of miss my weekend trips to the beach but whatever. At least Ben is here...that really is more important that going to the beach...right? Nah, I am just kidding. I am very glad to have him home and I am glad we can spend some time at home.

Meredith is here and working. That is going pretty well. I hope she is enjoying it or at least learning something. We haven't had much luck at work recently. Couple of people haven't exactly been following the rules. We obviously didn't interview enough candidates for the jobs.

The big news is that my mom has been in the hospital for about a week. They found out that she has Lyme Disease. She has been so sick. She finally came home yesterday but she had to go back in the hospital this morning. Mom, Meredith and I were supposed to be going to the beach in a couple of weeks but I called and cancelled last week. I felt bad because mom felt guilty and she was really looking forward to going. Hopefully, we will be able to reschedule later.

We went out with some friends tonight. Dinner and a movie. Well, we watched "Fever Pitch" at their house. That is actually a cute movie. It was fun. And I am always up for Chili's! Well, that is the brief overview anyway.I wanted to put some pictures up but I need to get the software for the scanner put on this computer. Maybe next time.

Oh, yeah. I think we are going to schedule some tentative dates for Hawaii next year...Aloha!!!

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Paul said...

We're praying for your Mom. It's sad when someone so cheery is sick.

Wow, I just checked your GeoVisitors tab. You have a reader from Russia!