Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Memories of my childhood

As a child, I remember going to the apple orchard and picking apples. Last week, Ben and I took a "fall break" and we went to the orchard with my mom. After picking two bushels, mom and I decided that an Apple pie class was needed. I am well on my way to being the apple pie duchess; no doubt, my mom is the apple pie Queen!


Paul said...


That apple pie you fixed Sunday was great. If you ever want us to come over and eat your food again, just let us know.

Mom said...

When I took you to the orchard with me for the first time in 1979, I didn't realize that I was doing something that would have such an impact on you. This only goes to show the importance of choosing carefully what we do with our children. I knew your determination would make you a great pie maker, Duchess.

Rachel said...

Sometimes, I think you only think it is the "big" things we did that made an impact, but really it was things like the apple orchard and going to the craft show that I remember the most.