Friday, February 09, 2007

Pulling out the Soapbox

To all my friends and family who read this blog, please don't think less of me after you read this entry. I know most of you will think I have lost my mind, but something is really irritating me and I am going to pull out my soapbox.

There have been many horrible events in the last couple of days. Some of them have happened to those that I know personally and some of them are stories that have been in the news. This week, an female astronaut attempted to kidnap and then murder another woman who was involved in what has been dubbed the "astronaut love triangle." This woman who was married (recently separated) and had three children, literally lost her mind and has sacrificed everything she has worked for over her life for a man who said he wasn't interested in her at all. The media has worked over time to portray this woman's "sad" story and to make her look like a victim. They have tried to blame her actions on the Space program instead of holding her accountable for her acts.

On the other had, we have Anna Nicole Smith who died yesterday evening, presumably of a drug overdose. I do not by any means approve of her lifestyle; she lived a life that was sad to say the least, even though it was the life that she chose by her actions. What I have a problem with is people who can find more sympathy for a crazy astronaut who tries to kill someone than for a woman who has done nothing but live the life that the American people wanted her to live. As a stripper, men practically tripped over themselves trying to get in the club. As the Guess Jeans model, she was pushed into the spotlight. As a Playboy Playmate, millions of dollars were made off her pictures. When she married a billionaire who died a couple of months later, the world talked about her and made her a household name. Everything she has ever done seems like it was done for the attention and almost the affection of the American Public. Now, after her death, instead of feeling sorry for her, the woman who played a part so that people would like her, we are talking about the fact that she really wasn't important, she was a nobody, we don't know why she ever became famous. What do you mean you don't know why she is famous? She is famous because we made her that way and then to talk about how she was nothing after she dies is inhuman. Rosie O'Donnell referred to Anna Nicole Smith as dysfunctional on The View today. Who is she kidding? I guess she would certainly be a qualified expert on dysfunctional.

Why is it that as Americans, we pick and choose who we feel sorry for? In my opinion, Anna Nicole Smith deserves just as much if not more sympathy than Lisa Novak. I am not saying that I think either woman is a fine Christian example or that they don't deserve our sympathy. All I am saying is that a woman is dead and regardless of her actions before her death, she was a real person with feelings, family, friends and more issues than we can ever imagine. Instead of talking about what a "nothing" she was, maybe we could spend a little more time looking at how our actions led to her becoming what she was.


Anonymous said...

Tell us what you really think Rach. Both women have families that are caught in the middle which is sad. Anna Nicole's daughter will never know her mom, only what people tell her~which may not be so positive. Lisa Nowak had planned her little trip and knew what she was doing. She has to accept the punishment that is coming her way and not give excuses. These families involved most certainly need our prayers!

Anonymous said...

anna nicole was misunderstude

Katie said...

Both situations are sad! They are also good examples of why it is best to life as Christ taught us to live! Anna Nicole is sad to me because she would do anything to have people like her - even degrade herself by taking off her clothes so men would be attracted to her! Which is probably why she turned to drugs in the first place, because I am sure deep down she was not happy with herself. You are right about Rosie! I could tolerate The View before she came to the show. She is one of the most dysfunctional celebrities out there and too ignorant to know it! She speaks a lot about people being "open-minded" to her lifestyle. However, she is not open-minded when it comes to Anna Nicole's lifestyle. Frustrating! I think we could all learn a lesson from all of these situations and say unless you are living the Christian life, you really do have a sad life. We should sympathize and feel sorry for those people and try our best to reach those we can and show them the lifestyle that will bring them the most fulfillment! End of my soapbox!

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