Tuesday, January 24, 2006

No joke Sherlock!

Like the title of my blog, I can be just a little bit obsessive about some things. I mean, not overly so, but you know, only to the point of driving every one around me, (including myself) to the brink of insanity. Take for instance, this blog. It started at as just a simple little blog, meant to appease my VERY GOOD friend Paul and now, as you can tell, it has become my new obsession. I do this all the time. Recently, I have been making my poor husband drive around (even late at night or in the pouring down rain) to look at houses because I have decided we need to sell our house. Mind you, we are not selling right now. Oh, no, just this year. But it is absolutely necessary that I be constantly aware of what houses are available in our area at all times! I think that is perfectly....well probably not but it only goes to show that I show no favortism to my obsessions...they are all equal in my eyes!


Rachel said...

Paul, you didn't even mention that I called you by very good friend!!!

Paul said...

Sorry Rachel. Thanks for appeasing me.