Saturday, January 28, 2006

Should Scrapbooking Raise Your Bloodpressure?

My sister is here for a visit this weekend. We have had a great time. Today we went to see the Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe. Man, movies make me so nervous! At one point, Ben leaned over and told me to let go of his hand; I was hurting him. But, it was really good. I was pleasantly surprised. Before the movie we had some free time so we wandered around the shopping mall that is near the movie theater and there is a scrapbook store called Scrap Etc. My sister is one of these crazy scrapbook people who loves to go to these all night scrapbook parties and such and she just thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread. I, on the other hand, tried to do it one time, and I got so bent out of shape I almost gave myself a migraine. So anyway, we went into this shop and something just came over me. All the pretty paper and stuff and everyone else in the store was buying stuff so why shouldn't I, right? I mean, come on. I am a semi-intelligent person. It isn't like I shouldn't be able to handle this, right? (Ok, I am really trying to convince myself more than anyone but just go with me on this). So now, after a trip to the scrapbook store, I am armed with several pages of papers, two packs of letters, I bought a photo trimmer and some other stuff my sister said I needed and I am ready to become a member of the scrapbook mafia. I mean really, how hard can it be?


Paul said...

When will your loyal blog readers be treated to a new post?

Meredith said...

Scrapbooking is an art you need to take time and not try to rush through it!