Sunday, February 19, 2006

Not quite the vacation I had in mind!

Ben and I returned from our "mini-vacation" last night. We got home around 9pm. Yesterday it was only 30-something degrees in Tupelo and it started sleeting. On our way home, we saw at least four cars that had wrecked on an overpass. Poor Ben, every five seconds I was telling him to slow down. But luckily, we made it home in one piece (as did our car, for which I was very thankful!). Anyway, as expected, the mini-vacation was not much of a vacation after all. As Ben said several times, it is good to be home.

Today, our church had a baby shower for Ben's cousin Gayla. She is expecting in March and our friend Katie is expecting in August. Of course, the inevitable question is "When are you going to have a baby?" One of the women at church PATTED MY BELLY. No, I am not kidding. She was trying to figure out who was going to have a baby first, myself or Emily, another girl at church who has been married a lot longer than I have. Anyway, it was quite amusing. Especially, I am sure, to those who watched her PAT MY BELLY. Anyway, the baby stuff was cute but like I told Katie, cute for someone else.


Paul said...

You ladies sure act crazy at this showers. Thank goodness men don't have to come.

Katie said...

You better get used to people patting your belly, because when the time comes for you to really be pregnant people will rub you and touch your belly all the time. I don't mind people I know touching me, but I don't think I am ready for the strangers.

You have a baby when you are ready but I think it would be really fun to be pregnant at the same time :0)

Paul - we are glad the men do not come to the showers or we wouldn't get to act crazy with you guys around! :p

Anonymous said...