Tuesday, October 17, 2006

She's Baaccckkkkkk!

Some of you have been on my case about updating my blog. I want to ask you, do I harass you when you don't update your blog to suit me? No. Now, I might harass you about other things but not that! But here I am, this is my third post of the day. Many of you have been concerned as well about whether I found a book on Queen Elizabeth I. Don't worry, I did. (Check out the Currently Reading sidebar). People think that politicians are crazy now but I really don't think that times have changed that much. Those people are crazy!

We had a great mini fall break in Kentucky last week. We got to spend quite a bit of time with my family. Yippee. My brother has three Rottweilers. Now I know what people say about those dogs and I will not deny that they are very strong willed not to mention just STRONG. But, they are beautiful dogs. Gwen is a sweetheart. She is the first one he got and the only girl. Drake is next and he is HUGE, I mean really really big and still has a year of growing to do. Brody is the baby and he is cute even though he really isn't a baby. Drake makes me a little nervous just because of his size but the other two are pretty neat. I don't know what got me off on that tangent but I think it is because I was thinking about my brother. He was the People manager at Abercrombie but he has been promoted to Store Manager just this week (Yay Joey!). Actually, today they flew him to Memphis for the day for a meeting. How cool.

While home, we went to the apple orchard and to Mesker Park Zoo. I haven't been either of those places in a long time. Mom taught me how to make her famous apple pie. I think I caught on pretty well. I have several more to make. I am making them for friends and family and everyone thinks I am being sweet. What they don't know is that really, they are my guinea pigs! Well, they know now and really, I think they are all pretty eager to be my test subjects.

I really can't think of much else. Halloween is fast approaching and it is my favorite holiday. I have to come up with a costume. Then Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yay. Well, that's it for now. gotta go.


Granna said...

Okay- if you are slightly intimidated by the dog- isn't there something about them smelling fear? I will take my chances with a stingray.
When you updated, you really updated. I enjoyed the "catching up".

Paul said...

Nice new look, Rachel.