Tuesday, July 17, 2007

100 Things...

Well, I don't know how long this will take me but I am going to get started anyway.

1. I am generally a very happy person even though most people don't think so.
2. I have some of the best friends in the world. I don't always let them know but I really do appreciate them!
3. I miss spending time with my best friend Kim. I tend to take her for granted but it is only because she is more like family. I love her!
4. I love my husband Ben more than I ever realized I could love anyone.
5. Speaking of my husband, I once said he would make someone an excellent husband but it wasn't going to be me (how ironic!)
6. I am aware of the fact that I complain a lot. I really don't know why because in the scheme of things, I have very little to complain about.
7. I had to have my gallbladder removed a couple of weeks ago.
8. I used to hate feet (I still do for the most part) except for Ben's. For a guy, he has pretty nice feet. I can live with them (since I don't have a choice).
9. I love to travel. We just got back from Hawaii and I am already trying to figure out when we could go on a weekend trip soon. I think Charleston/Savannah is probably going to be next.
10. Ben was my first date, first boyfriend, first kiss. Who really had time for boys before that?
11. I hate to be sitting at a table with someone who is shaking their leg and the whole table is moving. I know it is a nervous habit but it makes me want to scream.
12. I used to not like chocolate at all but now I like it some. It depends on what it is in.
13. I would rather have cake/donuts without any type of icing. I like things plain.
14. Ben tells me I am very random because I like to switch subject in the middle of a conversation.
15. I hate to be talking with someone and they cut me off like I was not even speaking. I know I do that sometimes too so I apologize.
16. I enjoy jazz music (especially female jazz singers) like Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and newer stuff like Norah Jones.
17. Ben and I "disagree" on the radio station EVERY TIME WE GET INTO A CAR. (see #16)
18. I am obsessive about money. I have to always have a certain amount in my checking that I don't touch. Recently, I have made myself quit looking because I was checking our balance online several times a day. I am going through a 12 step program for this!
19. I miss my family more than most people realize.
20. I probably share too much with people but I also always keep something to myself. It makes me feel like I am in control.
21. Did I mention I am a control freak?
22. I played the flute in high school and went back and forth between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chair (depending on the mood I was in).
23. I considered majoring in interior design but decided not because I felt it was "impractical."
24. Someday, I want a walk in closet that is really a room with a huge fluffy ottoman in the middle where I can rest while I admire my shoes and purses.
25. I do not like eggs unless they are disguised. Not fried, scrambled, over easy, none of that.
26. I don't drink milk. Period. It stinks. Why would you drink something that smells even before the expiration date?
27. Instead, I eat my cereal in vanilla yogurt. It is milk but at least the smell is covered up by the vanilla.
28. I don't believe in ghosts but if I watch a scary movie at night by myself, I start to "think" I see things. Hence, the reason I don't watch scary movies.
29. Until Addi came along, babies scared me. Now I am ok with the baby part, but not the little kid part.
30. Small children don't like me. They can smell fear.
31. I want my sister to move to Alabama and I try to convince her all the time. I think it is working but if any of you feel like pitching in, go for it.
32. I love girls night out (or in as the case may be) but we don't get to do it enough.
33. I enjoy cooking for friends and family. I don't get to that as often as I like either but it really gives me a sense of satisfaction when everyone enjoys themselves.
34. I also like planning. Parties whatever. I had Ben's 30th Birthday party and it was a lot of fun. I have several other "projects" in the works. Be on the lookout for your invite.
35. I like to give handmade gifts at Christmas. The first year it was a cookie mix in a jar, last year candy. I think I know what I am doing this year but I need to practice first. If it doesn't work out, you will get something else.
36. I started learning how to crochet about two years ago. I really like it but I am still working on the first scarf I started. I have taken out the stitches and started over more times than you can imagine. I continue to buy yarn for my next project even though I have not finished the first one yet.
37. I tend to doubt my ability to do much of anything so when I do accomplish something, I really can't enjoy it. I just move on to the next thing.
38. I can't imagine life outside the Church of Christ. What do other people do with their lives?
39. I never intended to get married.
40. I tried to break-up with Ben many times. I was only serious about 100 of those.
41. Because of Kim and Erin, I didn't break up with Ben. They made me sit out a waiting period.
42. I love my little house and even when I talk about moving, I can't see myself any where else.
43. I like for people to come into our home and feel welcome. I would never want anyone to be uncomfortable.
44. I like fixing Sunday dinner for Ben and myself and especially when Kim and Paul and the kids come over. It reminds me of my childhood.
45. Even though I give Paul a hard time, he is an ok guy. After all, he and Kim did give me shelter when I needed it. If Kim likes him so much, he has to be ok, right?
46. Every time I type a number for this list, I am typing it with a decimal like it is money. See, I told you I was obsessed!
47. I like shopping for things for our home more than clothes.
48. I like all holidays and if I had my way, I would have a huge celebration for each one of them.
49. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the fall leaves, pumpkins, and hayrides.
50. I don't feel like it is Christmas unless we have a real Christmas tree. Each year I think about getting an artificial one and I just can't do it.
51. I love Ben for hanging the Christmas lights on the house. It makes everything seem more special.
52. I begin buying Christmas presents in August. I like to be finished by the end of October, beginning of November. Last year I waited and I was miserable.
53. Ben and I got married in December. It was perfect.
54. Of all the holidays, Valentine's day is my least favorite. I think it is goofy (A carry over from my bitter single girl days).
55. When Ben buys me flowers from a florist, I can't enjoy them because I always find out what they cost. I would rather just not know.
56. Ben has to shop with cash at Christmas because I snoop and look at the checking account to see where he has been. I also look for receipts so I can see what he has bought.
57. I always like to have a "surprise" for Ben at Christmas. He was supposed to a Nintendo Wii last year but we are still looking.
58. I enjoy watching people open presents more than opening them myself.
59. I think your birthday should be a national holiday. At least next year. After that, whose counting?
60. I want my children to know my parents. I keep trying to get them to move here as well. We will see.
61. When I talk about Kentucky, I refer to it as "home." It makes Ben mad.
62. My sister was in a bad accident Thursday afternoon. I don't know how she made it out but she did. When my brother told me, I thought I was going to vomit.
63. My mother is in Europe for three weeks. I have to admit; I am a little jealous. She and I are supposed to go in a couple of years.
64. I enjoy reading travel guides just for the fun of it.
65. I read all the time. I like classics more than recent novels. I also enjoy historical fiction and travel memoirs.
66. I would like to volunteer for a non-profit organization like Susan Komen Foundation.
67. Last year, Ben and I walked in the Race for the Cure here in Birmingham. I loved it!
68. This year, Erin and I are going to start our own team. I can't wait! (let me know if you are interested...we need at least 13 people).
69. I worry that when I leave this world, I will not have made a difference at all.
70. I can't even type what else I worry about because I don't like seeing it in print.
71. The year I thought my mom turned 55, I could not stop crying because she was almost 60. When I realized she was 54, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. She just laughed at me.
72. I worry way too much and it is not healthy!
73. I make fun of people who are always happy-go-lucky.
74. I wonder why I am not more like them.
75. I admire my brother's ability to "throw caution to the wind" and do things I would never dream about doing.
76. I worry about my brother because I wonder sometimes if he has lost his grip on reality.
77. I want both of my siblings to find good Christian mates.
78. I hate it when my parents ask me to talk to Joey or Meredith because "they will listen to me." I seriously doubt that.
79. I can't wait for my brother and sister to have children. Well, I can wait but I am looking forward to it.
80. I admire the qualities in my sister that will make her a good Aunt and Mother. The same goes for my brother. I think he will be an awesome uncle!
81. Who knew there were so many interesting things about me?
82. I get nervous around people and usually say something that comes out all twisted. After it is over, I just have to wonder what I was thinking.
83. I would like to try writing a book.
84. I have thought about trying to get a short story published.
85. I get embarrassed when I am watching a tv show or movie and something happens to someone that is embarrassing. Especially when it is a fat girl. It makes me a nervous wreck.
86. I would like to buy a house and flip it for a profit.
87. I wish I had tried harder when I took piano lessons. I really didn't care at the time.
88. There are many things in my earlier years that I would change. That is an awful feeling.
89. I have never understood the urge to drink or smoke. However, I love to eat. Not a lot of difference when you think about it.
90. I don't like to watch the news. I think it is depressing.
91. I am very proud of myself that I was able to learn to make my mom's apple pie.
92. I cry when I am angry. And that makes me angrier.
93. I don't like people who think they are better than everyone else.
94. I collect cookbooks.
95. I wish I had more time to spend doing the things I enjoy instead of the things I have to do.
96. I had hoped that Kim and I would have one child that was close in age. Ain't gonna happen.
97. I love fresh vegetables from the garden even though I don't like the work in planting or harvesting them.
98. My favorite time of the summer in Kentucky is when the corn comes in and everything is green. I love it!
99. When I am "grown", I want a BMW. A used one will be fine.
100. I admire all of you who took the time to read these!


Paul said...

I'm glad you consider me an "okay guy." In fact, I'm surprised I made your list!

Granna said...

I read all 100- and I am on vacation!

Kim said...

Great list!

Katie said...

We need to have a girl's night soon! By the way, I loved your pics from Hawaii. It made me jealous!

Sydney & Bayley's Proud Mommy said...

Thank you so much for the entertainment! I personally liked the one about Ben's feet lol.

Mom said...

Don't worry about me turning 55 (or 56)--it hardly hurt at all. I love you and I'm so proud of you!