Friday, November 30, 2007

Addi's Birthday and a Christmas Catastrophe

Tonight was Addi's 5th birthday party. I can't believe she is that old! I remember coming to see Kim right after she was born; it wasn't but a couple of weeks after that that Paul and Kim let me move in with them. I will have lived in Birmingham for five years in January. I remember the first Sunday Kim took Addi to church. Paul had gone on to class and I stayed with Kim. We got ready to leave and as Kim was walking down the drive way she fell in a hole. Both she and I were beside ourselves. Of course, everything was fine but it is one of those stories that we can laugh at now but wasn't so funny at the time! Anyway, it has been a very eventful 5 years and I have enjoyed (almost) every moment!

Ben had to work late so he missed the party. I was tired so I came on home. I thought I would take the alone time to wrap some Christmas presents and watch one of my favorite movies, Little Women. When I was growing up, I would read this almost every year at Christmas time. So I got my movie going and had all of the presents wrapped that I was doing tonight when all of a sudden, our beautiful 7 foot Leland Cyprus was laying in the floor next to me (and almost on top of me!) Of course, I just filled the base with water so not only was there water all over the floor but there were broken ornaments everywhere. Luckily, most of them were saved but it was still upsetting. When Ben got home, he helped me get everything back up so I guess tomorrow sometime, I am going to have to redo my tree. Oh, well. That is just the way it goes!

Tomorrow morning we are going to the Pleasant Grove Christmas Parade. After that, I have to find something to wear to our office Christmas Party. I wish we were going to be able to go to Christmas on the River tomorrow night but maybe next year.


Emily said...

Isn't that neat, you named your tree after Dog's son! lol I had fun at the parade. My favorite part was the picture of Jesus wearing a santa hat!

Katie said...

I hate that your tree fell! That would have made me cry. I am worried that our tree will fall before Christmas but I am keeping my fingers crossed!